True Confessions of an Associate Pastor : You v. Eminem

It’s taken a few weeks to get this entry to where I feel God wanted it to be but this morning while watching a special on Eminem’s top 20 videos, it all came together.

It’s been about 20 years now since I first started to listen to music out of the hip hop spectrum and one things for sure:  I’ve always been fascinated by Eminem’s lyrical giftedness.  I do not have a doctorate in how he compares to others in the hip hop game, but in my humble opinion, he tells quite the story.  In spite of such giftedness, he tells a super dark story that is both a reflection of his life and saddens the heart with his calculated hopelessness.  Anything he does, makes it big and much is to be said about his fan base.  People enjoy his music.

Saul was a king way back when and would get overwhelmed with life and called for someone to ease his stresses with none other than something musical.  I think we often do the same.  We find our escape in different things, sometimes even music.

So Saul finds a liking to this guy, David.  Through the musical capacity that David brought to the scene, he’s able to calm Saul down.  At the time, Saul doesn’t fully understand, but in a earlier moment the prophet Samuel anoints David to be King.

Saul isn’t being soothed by music.  Saul is being calmed by the Anointing.

“After that, whenever the bad depression from God tormented Saul, David got out his harp and played. That would calm Saul down, and he would feel better as the moodiness lifted.” – 1 Samuel 16:23 (The Message)

In my prayers last week, I went in with no particular agenda except, Holy Spirit help me to pray for what you put in my heart … and here drops a specific group of people:

The Christian Artist

It could be music, art, poetry, fashion, drama, or some other form of art, but my prayer is that you would truly understand the anointing.  It’s not in your ability, giftedness, or genius but in the anointing that I’m believing that people would find healing,  freedom, peace and above all else, Jesus.  Imagine a time, at some point in the future, when you do your thing … their ‘thing’ instantly being annihilated by the power of God.  Imagine.  Now believe.

My prayer is:

You would be the head and not the tail.

You would be the pioneer for both the Christian and secular industries.

You would set the tone on what direction things are heading in.

You would set the pace on what is shattering the former way of doing things.

You my friend, under the anointing, are a genius.

Eminem has got nothing on you.  Score one for what God is doing in and through you my friend.

You – 1
Eminem – 0