4 Disciplines of Execution (4D)

If you ignore the urgent, it can kill you today. It’s also true, however, that if you ignore the important, it can kill you tomorrow. In other words, if you and your team operate solely from within the whirlwind, you won’t progress—all your energy is spent just trying to stay upright in the wind. The challenge is executing your most important goals in the midst of the urgent!


[LEADERSHIP] : For Keeps

On reflection of the small group I led this semester at Clover Hill AG, I wanted to share some thoughts on common challenges I’ve heard from other group leaders over the years.  By no means are these thoughts perfection and definitely not the ONLY way to do groups, just some reflection.

Challenge 1 | Lack of Commitment

Answer: Keep it Small

The larger you get, the easier it becomes for attendees to miss a group meeting and it not be that big of a deal.  Our group this semester was 5 deep.  We started together, chose to keep it at 5 for the 12-week semester and committed to being at group.  Rain or shine, snow storm or whatever, we were there.  If Jesus led 12, and He was Jesus, I’m guessing I shouldn’t try to do more than that so I can stay on the effective train.  You may touch dozens, maybe even hundreds or thousands, but how many are you truly discipling?  Realistically, I felt good with 4 others.

Challenge 2 | Lack of Momentum

Answer: Keep it Fresh

If things seem stale, I encourage your group to take a break this next semester and have your participants try others groups.  You have a God given design and destiny and so do the people under your care.  Use the Growth Track to help them find that identity and run with that call. Maybe it’s time for them to launch a group, ministry, or something else.  Your relationships remain in tact if they were formed well, but stale things need to be thrown out!

Challenge 3 | Lack of Interest

Answer: Keep it Fun

Relationships are at the core of our Faith.  Our relationship with Christ, His Church, and everyone else.  Relationships will drive the success of your group, not your teaching, study or anything else.  Groups exist to create another means through which we can connect one on one with each other OUTSIDE of group time.

As a group, we’ve laughed a lot.  There are times where we’ve come legitimately prepared to discuss Scripture, but we divert because of a conversation.  That’s ok.  The flexiblity allows for interest to stir conversation toward real life issues.  That keeps it interesting.  That keeps it fun.

Challenge 4 | Lack of Genuiness

Answer: Keep it Real

There’s no other way to say it.  Your group is as real as you’re willing to be.  Lead by example.  It may require you to remove a mask first and be vulnerable, but I’ve found the realness stirs realness in others.  If others stiff arm being real, it’ll only be a matter of time before they remove themselves from the group.

Having said that, I led the charge and shared my story.  THAT was not easy, but very freeing.

You’re the leader.  You set the tone, the direction, and the overall pulse of the group.  Authenticity will crush the lack of genuiness, and we are a Church that are committed to keeping it real!

Challenge 5 | Lack of Opportunity

Answer: Keep it Moving

Perhaps it’s time for you to step to the plate.  We lauched our group with 5 people.  Lord willing, this group will become 2 groups next semester adding 2-3 more people.  These guys are capable, and I want to fuel their opportunity as we send them out in two’s.  We will teach you everything needed to be a successful group leader, coach you and make sure you are positioned for success.  You are a key part of the Church.  It’s time!

[VIDEO] : Guest Post (Angie Grant) : Strong Marriages Build Strong Homes

This video originally posted back in March 2011 for our small group leaders.  Angie is the wife of our Lead Pastor, Stan Grant.

After Sunday’s message on Love Completely, I thought the timing of this was appropriate for everyone to hear.

Our prayer at Clover Hill:  No divorce, No excuse.

Strong Marriages Build Strong Homes … have a listen …