SPARK 5k – 2 weeks of training

11836738_867490773342475_7203560509864618926_nFor those of you planning to walk the upcoming Spark 5k, here’s a two week training suggestion to get  you ready for Saturday September 19th!  Don’t forget to REGISTER before THIS Tuesday so you can guarantee a t-shirt with your entry fee.

Proud of each of you stepping out and trying something NEW!  It’ll be worth it. If you’re free Tuesday, I’ll be joining the Faith and Fitness group at Clover Hill at 6pm to trial run the 5k route.  Hope to see you there!  We will meet outside at the back of the church building.


Monday September 7th – Rest or walk

Tuesday – 30 min walk

Wednesday – Rest or walk

Thursday 30 min walk

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 3 mile walk

Sunday – 60 min walk

Monday – Rest or walk

Tuesday – 30 min walk

Wednesday – Rest or walk

Thursday – 30 min walk

Friday – Rest

Saturday September 19th! – 5-K Race

Confessions of an Associate Pastor : Donuts

Ok, so today’s snow so brings me back to days in Toronto behind the wheel always on the lookout for an empty parking lot!

Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive it doesn’t matter.  Snow = Time to make the donuts!!!

Fondest (who still says that?!?) memory hands down would be a snow covered soccer field playing tag in really old beater cars!  Obviously at a low speed, we’d be bumping each other with our vehicles laughing hysterically.  I’m probably giving some teenager* somewhere some crazy idea but these are the confessions of an Associate Pastor.  🙂

*Disclaimer: Kids don’t try this at home.  Try it in a parking lot.  🙂

Ukrops 10K – Why I run it

THIS WAS A POST FROM EARLIER THIS YEAR.  I HOPE YOU’LL THINK, CONSIDER and JOIN ME!  It’s a different day.  It’s now the “Martin’s 10k” and I’m running this race for the 4th time.

Here we go …

This is my third year running the Ukrops 10K.  EVERY year, while on mile 3 I say to myself …

1. My calves hurt

2. I’m bored

3. My calves hurt

4. I could use some fried chicken right now

5. My calves hurt and …

6. and oh yes, my calves hurt.

Yet, each year more and more people turn out for this event.  I think the numbers were roughly around 35,000 participants.  On top of that is the family and friends who faithfully come out and cheer us on.

So why do I run it? There are not many events in Richmond that bring out such a diverse group of people.  This is harvest.  As I see the masses of people, my heart calls out to the King and I ask Him to deposit in me a desire to reach people in the 804 area code.

This is my mission field.  This is my home.

Every year, I ask.  Every year, He brings greater strength and inspiration.

If you haven’t walk, run, or jogged this event just come out and see what the Lord has shown me.  Lord willing, next year I’m hoping to run the kids mile with my eldest son, Isaac.

24 hours after the event is over, my calves still hurt and my heart is ready to roll with what His Spirit has in store for us.  Here I am, Send me.


shot 64 today. on 9 holes. first time back on the golf course in about 2 years and still rockin’ my ‘hang me down’ clubs from the 1970’s.

first shot on hole number 1 … yep … hit the golf cart. 🙂
d’ah well … gotta start and re-start somewhere.


Some of you may know that I have been ‘training’ for a 10K that was held on March 31st.

Well, I did it! You can check my results here.

It was pretty awesome … the first time I have ever attended or participated in such an event. Well organized, with over 26,000 participants, it was an awesome time! 🙂

I must say the most memorable moment was watching a little guy with a walker finish the mile race for kids. Police sirens were going off and the crowd cheered for this one kid long after the other kids had finished the race. How awesome is that?

Richmond is not a big place, but an event that brings out people from all over the city is something special. I know this event is only going to get bigger, but I’m glad that I was able to be a part of this event.

Kudos and a big thanks to all my training buddies! From cold running days, to watching 24 on the treadmill … thanks!

What’s next? Any suggestions?