Confessions of an Associate Pastor : Stealing

So I was out running errands.

Stuff happens.

As I pulled out, my itty bitty corolla clearly cut off the driver of a large SUV, to which I immediately waved the hand gesture for “sorry!”

The response I got was a series of hand gestures and I don’t think they were telling me to steal second base.

Got to love hand gestures … especially when you know the driver.  :-))

The look on their daughters face when they realized it was me?  Priceless.

13 … and counting 

This is us.  

13 years ago today represents our arrival in Richmond VA. 

3 of us didn’t exist. 

2 of us didn’t have a clue about life, marriage or anything else EXCEPT one thing … God was with us. 

This picture pretty much sums up that moment. We weren’t ready. We had no plan. We just knew … God was in it. 

13 years later I still circle this city in my car praying for you. The love that God has given us for the people of this city is difficult to articulate but the love runs deep. 

13 years later I’ve never been more hopeful, more fired up and more motivated than I am now to see God do great things here alongside you. 

Richmond was once an unknown place to us, then a new place, but now it’s home. 

For those that love us, for those that can’t stand us, for those that don’t know us … we love you. 

 Like my Pastor has challenged us these last few weeks … be intentional … be an encourager … be an intentional encourager. 

But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua‬ ‭24:15‬ ‭


[TRUE CONFESSIONS] of an Associate Pastor : When I Grow Up …


I won’t care about the clothes I wear, the trend or the latest fashion.

I won’t care about the car I drive, its speed or its features.

I won’t care about the home I live in, its size or its furnishings.

I won’t care about my bank account, its balances or how its funded.

When I grow up, I want to continue to use influence to help a person see their potential is great, the possibility is endless, and the power is found in generosity.

I’ve concluded leadership is all about influence.  John Maxwell said it best …


That influence doesn’t hinge on my ability to speak, walk or even physically be present.  I’ve found that influence transcends our time and existence here on Earth.  Influence can be encapsulated in legacy the lives on beyond our physical existence here on Earth.

I’m grateful for a God that is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He’s like no other God.  He desires a personal relationship with us through His Son, Jesus.  That relationship has shown me the potential and possibility in Him is not only great, but uncontested.

I now use that influence to help others reach their God given potential.  You’re potential, as designed by Christ, is great.  I’m ready to discover that potential with you!

When you grow up … not WHAT but WHO do you want to be?

[TRUE CONFESSIONS] of an Associate Pastor : 26.2 miles

Lord willing, I’ll start and finish my second marathon tomorrow.  Last year I barely completed it.  I had a great training regiment until I crashed my motorcycle and broke my collarbone just 10 weeks before the race.  My new goal wasn’t based on time but rather completion.  This year, I have a time to beat.

Many have asked why!!!  Some are inspired, some are challenged and most think I’m outright crazy.

I don’t say much when asked why … but just listen to what different responses are as to why the person could or couldn’t do it.  So … I thought I’d share my reasons.

20 years ago this month, I nearly took my own life while struggling through a long battle of depression.  I remember wrestling with God as I walked across this bridge (picture below), and in complete anger, yelled at God saying “WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!”


Within seconds of me reaching the end of the line, I began weeping for several minutes and wasn’t long before a peace came over me.

So what does that have to do with running a marathon?

18 years ago this week, I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  I mean consumed.  My priority, my purpose, my resolve, my passion came alive.

I’ve reached a place where God has not only given me purpose but has begun to show me His purpose for you.

With that knowledge and revelation has come the desire to move from a place of selfishness to a place of selflessness.  What an incredible opportunity to leave a legacy that lives beyond your years on Earth where others can say,  he/she pointed me to Jesus.

So what does that have to do with running a marathon?

This road of life as Jesus wants us to live is less traveled.  The road is narrow.  The road is freaking hard. This road will cost us something.  This road isn’t comfortable.  This road is stretching me.  So I pursue things that are beyond my ability right now.

I focus on 4 areas of life.  Physical, Financial, Relational and Spiritual to move from where I am to a place of greater discipline.  I’ll be honest.  Training is hard.  I don’t enjoy it.  But the journey has been unmistakeably incredible.  I’ve met incredible people and have learned many spiritual truths through this endeavor.  I think Jesus used a story or two about simple things in life to explain spiritual truths.

Jesus was a leader.  Jesus was disciplined.

Leaders will lead from out front.

Leaders will constantly learn.

Leaders will constantly grow.

Leaders will move from where they are to the next level so in the end, the legacy speaks to something even greater than themselves.  I love how John Maxwell lays out levels of leadership.


There’s a leader within you.  Trust me.  The question is to what degree are you willing to lead and at what cost.

Do something.

Physically, Financially, Spiritually, Relationally.  Let’s move to another level.  I won’t compare myself to you or you to me.

Evaluate where you are and where you need to be and surround yourself with the right people, resources and resolve to get there.

I look forward to what your legacy will say.  Until then … 26.2 miles up next for me.

Top 10 #Confessions of #2011

Thanks again for reading my jibba jabba. Last week, the blog hit the 10,000 visit mark in 2 years.

I appreciate those of you who’ve given feedback and those who helped contribute through guest posts!

Here are the top 10 confessions of 2011:

10. Shrek

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8. Regulators

7. Me Tarzan

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3. When the Lights Go Down

2. So it’s been said

1. My Resignation