Confessions of an Associate Pastor : True Confessions

No, this post won’t have any witty comments or humor … just true reflections.

Tomorrow I’ll get to travel to Toronto to be with family.  My aunt received her promotion late last week and is now in the presence of the Lord.  She is free from cancer and in a place far better than any moment here on Earth.

My heart is heavy tonight but at peace.

Tomorrow I don’t have to be a pastor and or a leader.  Although these are hats I will wear until Christ’s return, tomorrow I get to be a son and hug my mom.  I get to be a brother and hang out with my sisters.  I get to be an uncle and kiss my nephew and nieces.  I get to be a nephew and listen to my uncles and aunts tell stories of our stupidity.  I get to be a cousin and just be.  I’m sure we’ll laugh.  I’m sure we’ll cry.  I’m sure we’re going to get in trouble for something.  We always do.

It’s when we walk through difficult times that both Scripture and Prayer come to life and become our portion.  He is EXACTLY what I need and all that I want.  I’ve spoken these very words to people over and over and over and over and you know what?  It’s true.

Read Psalms 27:4 when you get a moment.  This week has given me fresh perspective on what’s important.

Tonight, I’ve spent hours on the phone with family.  My wife, my cousins, my friends have called to listen and then pray.  I’ve got some solid people in my life.  They’ve reminded me of God’s faithfulness.  They’ve reminded me of His peace.  They’ve reminded me that He’s in control.  They’ve reminded me sadness and grieving are normal.  I’ve not only got some solid people pouring into my life … they are praying people.

Who’s pouring into yours?

One thought on “Confessions of an Associate Pastor : True Confessions

  1. Gladson Thomas December 10, 2010 / 4:59 am

    Hey Andrew, praying for you and your family. Who passed away ? ? ? Some one I know. Praying for you and both sides of your family nonetheless. Keep me posted… I may get a call from Kunjumolammama or Johnnychayan.

    Much blessings my friend….We will be lifting you to the throne as you become the strength for those who greive among you.

    Love you man !! !! !!
    Sara, Kristofer and Gladson

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